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Certification in Legal Translation from English into French (2020)

480-hour online course in law and legal translation by CI3M/Edvenn.

Nationally recognized qualification equivalent to a master’s degree.


  • Definition and legal language
  • Legal families
  • Legal translation methodology
  • Legal documentation

Common Law Countries

  • Key concepts in the main branches of law
  • Common law and equity
  • Legal professions
  • Jurisdictions

Types of Documents

  • Judicial decisions
  • Affidavits
  • Agreements (sale, rental, employment and licensing agreements, articles of association)
  • Deeds (estates, wills, deeds of sale)

International Organizations

  • International law
  • International commercial law
  • International criminal law
  • National concepts
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M.A. in Applied Language (2014)

M.A. in translation, foreign languages, applied linguistics, and computer science at the University of Toulon, France (Summa cum laude).

Three internships as an English <> French translator and proofreader at two translation agencies specializing in legal documents.

Foreign Languages

  • English <> French translation in the fields of law and corporate communication.
  • Personal project: translated documents relating to submarines (English <> French).
  • German <> French translation (non-specialized).
  • Professional communication in English (non-specialized).
  • Professional communication in German in the field of tourism.
  • Electives: Italian, Russian.

Applied Linguistics

  • Natural language processing; corpus linguistics; documentary and information retrieval; terminology; and computer-aided and automated translation.
  • Group project: wrote a report on tools for corpus analysis.

Computer Science

  • Programming (Python); databases and spreadsheets (PhpMyAdmin, Access, Excel); advanced use of MS Word (formatting and macros); and website creation (HTML and CSS).
  • Personal project: designed and programmed a Python computer-assisted translation tool.
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B.A. in English (2010)

B.A. in English linguistics, literature, and civilization at the University of Toulouse II, France and Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

University of Toulouse II

  • Translation: literature and news articles, from and into French.
  • English: grammar; linguistics, phonetics, and oral communication.
  • Commonwealth: the UK, the US, and Canada.
  • Classic English literature: novels, plays, and poems.
  • Electives: Spanish, website creation (HTML and CSS), mathematics.

Concordia University

  • Translation: terminology; literary translation from French into English; scientific translation from English into French; and computer-aided and automated translation.
  • Other: 20th century North American literature; Shakespeare; Native American history; and Spanish.
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Accélérateur by TVT Innovation (2017)

Took part in a startup coaching program offered by TVT and Startup Palace in Toulon, France with Immotopic/Deep Flow Realty.

  • Business model
  • Value proposition
  • Market knowledge
  • Environment and competition
  • Pitching
  • Innovating within constraints
  • Pre-MVP & MVP
  • Selling
  • Communication strategy
  • Financial management
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Small Business Entrepreneur Diploma (2018)

Diploma in project management at CNAM Marseille, France.

  • Accounting
  • Business intelligence
  • Line management
  • Marketing & communication
  • Personal development
  • Project management
  • Skills management
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Contracts and Legal Translation

ContractsCon, by How To Contract (2023)
HTC Contract Con, by How To Contract (2022)
Les négociations contractuelles : regards pratiques et théoriques, by ATGC (2018)
Rendez-vous des transformations du droit, by Village de la Justice and Open Law, le Droit Ouvert (2023)
Club de révision juridique, legal translation club (since January 2022)
Law for Non-Lawyers, week 1 dedicated to contracts, Monash University via FutureLearn (2018)
Rédaction de contrats, University of Geneva via Coursera (2018)
A Systematic Approach to Translating Contracts into English, via eCPD (2018)
Contracts and Contract Formation for Legal Translators, via eCPD (2018)
English Legal System for Legal Interpreters and Translators, via eCPD (2018)
Specialising in Legal Translation, via eCPD (2018)
The Perils of Translating International Contracts, via eCPD (2018)
La traduction des contrats : conventions de rédaction et précision rédactionnelle, via SFT (2018)
Legal Writing Hacks for Lawyers, by Hey Plain Jane (2022)
Revamp Your Contracts With Visuals, by Legal Creatives (2022)
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Information Technology Law

Droit du numérique : smart cities, intelligence artificielle & blockchain, by AFDIT (2016)
Le droit face aux défis de la sécurité informatique, by AFDIT (2018)
Les droits de l’internaute — point de situation, by AFDIT (2021)
Les entretiens Portalis : droit et numérique, by EDA Sud Est (2018)
Les technologies et le droit face aux évolutions du monde, by Cyberlex (2022)
Protection des données personnelles et Sécurité nationale : quelles garanties juridiques dans l’utilisation du numérique ? by UMR DICE (2015)
World Ethical Data Forum (2022)
Understanding the GDPR, University of Groningen via FutureLearn (2018)
Many webinars on the General Data Protection Regulation (in French and English)
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Intellectual Property

La place de la Cour d’appel de Paris dans le droit de la propriété intellectuelle, by AFDIT (2018)
Propriété intellectuelle et numérique : nouvelles questions, nouveaux enjeux, by AFDIT (2019)
Protection, défense et valorisation des innovations et des créations, via TVT Innovation (2016)
Law for Non-Lawyers, week 4 dedicated to IP, Monash University via FutureLearn (2018)
Intellectual Property for Translators, via eCPD (2018)
Rencontre Export Se protéger à l’international : marques, logos, contrats distributeurs…, via IRCE Aix-en-Provence (2022)
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Marketing and Communication

BrightonSEO Oct (2022) — Selected talks
Détecter les opportunités de son marché grâce au marketing, via CCI Var (2016)
Développer la notoriété de son entreprise, via CCI Toulon (2016)
Festival web de la création de contenu, via Alexandra Martel (2022)
Online course
Copywriting for Your Business and for Your Clients, by Madalena Zampaulo via Training for Translators (2020)
Dans la jungle du style — 7 lois qui expliquent pourquoi « ça sonne mieux », by Mélodie Benoit-Lamarre via Magistrad (2023)
Écrire sans Exclure, by Isabelle Meurville (2022)
Email Marketing certification, via Hubspot (2020)
Rédaction web et SEO, via Comptoir des Rédacteurs (2021)
Translator & Interpreter Website Blueprint Course, by Madalena Zampaulo (2018)
Vendre et promouvoir ses services de traduction, via CI3M/Edvenn (2021)
Passer au niveau supérieur en tant que rédacteur web, by Paul Grillet et Thomas Meyer (2022)
Successful Copywriting, via eCPD (2018)
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Développez vos ventes aux Etats-Unis, via TVT Innovation (2016)
Online course
Course in subtitling, via Mintt (2017)
PHP Intermédiaire : Programmation Orientée Objet, PDO, via Dawan (2017)
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