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MA in Translation and Computational Linguistics: An Alum’s Background

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On the French version of this blog, I published an article based on a talk I gave to a class of MA students in translation and computational linguistics. I had been invited to share my experience with them as an eight-year alum, in large part because of my diverse professional background.

The article touches on:

  • What I did before and during the MA and how I chose translation
  • Three strategies that have shaped my career so far: diversification, specialization, and synergies
  • Two fields that found me when I least expected it: natural language generation (NLG) and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Where young translators can meet colleagues on a local or global scale

If you can read French, go to Master TILT : parcours d’une diplômée de la première promotion.

If you can’t read French, but would be interested in reading the article in English, let me know on LinkedIn.

Gwendoline Clavé, Legal English-to-French Translator

Gwendoline Clavé

Hello! I’m an English-to-French translator based in Marseille, France. When I’m not translating legal documents or SEO content for IT companies, I’m rewriting legalese into plain language. On this blog, I share thoughts and information on diverse topics at the crossroads of translation, law, and IT.

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