Legal and IT translations

A French translator with a twist:
bringing together linguistic, legal and IT skills

Hello! I’m Gwendoline Clavé, the person behind Clavoline Traduction.

I will be catering to your translation needs from English into French, rewriting your legal documents into plain language, and more.

Discover five reasons to entrust me with your projects at the crossroads of law and IT.

And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

Gwendoline Clavé, Legal English-to-French Translator
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Legal translation is my specialty.

I set up as a translator in 2014, after 5 years of higher education in languages and translation* and 3 internships as a translator and proofreader with legal translation agencies. After a few years, I took a recognized course and earned a certification in English-to-French legal translation.

Since then, I have focused my CPD efforts on contracts, intellectual property, and IT law — especially data protection and privacy. I also started learning about legal design and rewriting traditional legal documents into plain language for a legal design agency.

My understanding of legal concepts and terminology allows me to look at legal content with a critical eye, point out any potential issues or ambiguities, and translate your intended meaning clearly and accurately.

* I have a bachelor’s degree in English studies and a master’s degree in foreign languages and computational linguistics with a heavy focus on translation from English into French.

My IT background gives you an edge.

Speaking several human and computer languages* led me to work as a computational linguist for a natural language generation startup, then as a digital marketing coordinator for an SEO agency.

I have firsthand experience of the inner workings of an IT company, from marketing and contract negotiation to project planning and management, including investor relations — and, of course, web development and multilingual SEO.

This makes me well equipped to craft IT translations that clearly convey what software publishers, startups, and digital companies do and the value they provide while making them more visible online.

In my spare time, I sometimes volunteer to translate articles on best internationalization practices for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). I have also translated the open standard for creating responsible AI models proposed by the World Ethical Data Foundation (WEDF).

* Besides French and English, I’ve studied German and Spanish, as well as a bit of Italian, Japanese, Russian, American sign language, and Arabic. I’m also fluent in HTML and CSS, and I’ve used both Python and PHP professionally. While I know my way around WordPress, I prefer Hugo.

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Your peace of mind is my priority.

Having a document translated should be painless. To make the process as smooth as possible, I answer emails quickly and never miss a deadline.

While working on your translation, I only ask questions or point out issues after conducting thorough research.

This means that you can focus on your core business while I take care of the rest.

“I really enjoy working with Gwen. She is very organized and gets back to me quickly. When she manages a project, she is quite thorough, which I find especially reassuring. I can be confident about meeting deadlines because no matter the unexpected turn a project can take, she helps me stay on track and adapt. In a nutshell, I wholeheartedly recommend choosing to work with Gwen for your own peace of mind!

The right balance between speed and quality.

The more a translator knows about the subject matter of a document, the faster and more accurately they can translate it. This is why specializing in specific areas and getting to know my clients’ companies inside and out are both solid investments.

Combining this knowledge with strong research skills and the right software allows me to be thorough and still deliver each translation on time.

This way, you don’t have to choose between a prompt delivery and a quality translation.

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I find other ways to help.

To break through the language barrier, translation isn’t the only tool. When you need a French speaker to help you get the gist of a document or keep an eye on your competitors, you can call on me.

You can also ask me to write optimized content for your website, polish or update your texts, design a strategy for gender-inclusive communications, and more.

Likewise, I make sure to keep up with my clients’ various projects and offer my help when I think of something I can do for them.

“Gwen provided us with excellent translation services that truly exceeded our expectations.

Our sincerest thanks for the time and effort dedicated to ensuring not only an accurate translation but also enriching our content with valuable insights. Gwen’s suggestions have proven to be invaluable not only for the translated version, but also in improving our original content.

It was our first multi-lingual project on a global scale, and Gwen provided guidelines that served as a clear roadmap for any future translations. Incorporating Gwen’s suggestions aligned perfectly with the vision we have for our content, and we look forward to future collaborations.”

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