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English-to-French IT translation services for software publishers and digital companies

Business as usual, without the language barrier.

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You need to be able to communicate effectively with your French-speaking clients and business partners.

To help you break through the language barrier, you are looking for a trusted partner who understands what you do and will get to know your company and technology inside and out.

Someone who can communicate your values and value to your prospects, and produce clear translations of your legal and business documents.

Your trusted partner for translations with an IT component

Gwendoline Clavé, English-to-French legal and IT translator

Hello! I’m Gwendoline Clavé, a legal and IT translator based in Marseille, France.

Since 2014, I’ve been helping software publishers and digital companies communicate and contract with French speakers, directly or through their lawyers.

To achieve these goals, I craft clear, accurate, and compliant translations from English into French that convey your values and expertise.

I put a combination of linguistic, legal, and IT skills at your disposal.

A qualified legal translator with a background in information technology (IT), I specialize in contracts, intellectual property, and IT law — especially data protection and privacy.

A former computational linguist, digital marketing coordinator, and SEO content writer, I bring a multi-faceted view that gives me a unique understanding of your company.

To keep up with changes in language and communication, I have been trained in gender-inclusive French as well as plain language and legal design.

Clavoline Traduction, English-to-French translation

English-to-French translation for IT companies

Whether you need a French translator fluent in legalese or IT jargon, I’m here for you. Let me take care of your legal documents and communications materials while you focus on your core business.

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Legal documents

  • Contracts: employment, license, non-disclosure (NDA), etc.
  • Terms and conditions of sale, use, service provision, etc.
  • Privacy notices and policies
  • Information about cookies (banner, settings, etc.)
  • Articles of association (AoA), power of attorney (PoA), etc.
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Corporate communications

  • Business reports
  • Codes of conduct and guidelines
  • Letters, emails, and memos
  • Presentations
  • Training materials
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Online and marketing content

  • Blog articles and websites
  • Case studies and interviews
  • Newsletters and email campaigns
  • News releases
  • Technical documentation for web apps

Tailored translation services

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Adapted to your audience.

Whether your document is meant for IT professionals or laypeople, I choose the right words and expressions to meet your needs.

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Respectful of your preferences.

I follow your preferences or style guide to craft documents in line with your values and communication habits.

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Search engine compliant.

For online content, I apply search engine optimization (SEO) principles as necessary to make your content easier to find.

A committed translator — SEO as a bonus

“Gwendoline is highly committed and takes the time to understand your business before starting a translation. She perfectly complied with our guidelines for translating our future website from English into French. Her SEO analyses and suggestions were a real bonus. Thank you!”

Selected IT translation projects

Documentation and marketing

» Compliance platform (data protection)

Translating documentation articles, tutorials, newsletters, and other web content. Some projects focus on data protection laws and news, others on the platform’s functionalities, configuration, API, and plugins (for WordPress, etc.).

Online and marketing content

» Software publisher (automated testing)

Translated articles, ebooks, white papers, and other web content about Agile, DevOps, SAFe, SAP, SFDC, specifications, technical debt, software testing, etc. Translated emails, landing pages, tweets, and webinar subtitles.

Online content (including SEO)

» Software publisher (PPM platform)

Translated the new website of a project portfolio management platform, then articles for its blog. Helped create a style guide. Optimized translated pages for keywords selected by the client. Provided SEO analysis of competitors’ pages.

Contractual documents

» Software publisher (CRM)

Translated frequent updates to the terms and conditions of customer relationship management software.

Marketing and training materials

» Software publisher (SaaS platform)

Translated marketing materials, technical briefs, social media ads, training materials on how to use the platform, and code of conduct.

Online content

» World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Translated articles and tutorials for standards organization W3C’s Internationalization (i18n) activity. Topics include character encodings and escapes, monolingual vs. multilingual websites, the byte order mark (BOM), and more.

More linguistic services in French

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Content writing

When you need new content for your French website, I can research, plan, write, and optimize blog articles that show your expertise and improve your online presence.

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Gender-inclusive French

If gender-inclusive communications are important to you, I can help you design and execute a strategy for the French language. I can of course translate or rewrite your content into inclusive French.

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You can have me proofread French documents to correct any mistakes, make updates in line with your style guide, suggest plain language edits, or get a second opinion on your texts.

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