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Hello! I’m Gwendoline Clavé, an English-to-French translator based in Marseille, France.

I help IT companies communicate and contract with French speakers, directly or through their legal partners.

  • A qualified legal translator with a background in information technology (IT), I specialize in contracts, IT law, and data protection.
  • A former computational linguist, digital marketing coordinator, and SEO content writer, I bring a multi-faceted view that gives me a unique understanding of your company.
  • To keep up with changes in language and communication, I have been trained in gender-inclusive French as well as plain language and legal design.

I put a combination of linguistic, legal, and IT skills at your disposal to see your projects succeed.

Gwendoline Clavé, English-to-French legal translator

French translation services

Whether you need a French translator fluent in legalese or IT jargon, I’m here for you. Let me take care of your legal documents and communications materials while you focus on your core business. And if you need other services, I’ve got you covered.

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Legal documents

I specialize in contracts, information technology (IT) law, and data protection.

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Corporate communications

Emails, reports, presentations: I cater to your internal communication and training needs.

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Online and marketing content

Website, blog, documentation: I translate your materials for web users and optimize them for search engines (SEO).

More linguistic services

I offer other services to help you overcome the language barrier, such as content writing, rewriting, and proofreading. I can also help you define a plain language or gender-inclusive communication strategy.

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I draft, refine, and proofread your translation.

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