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You always have a million things to do. When you are not catering to your clients, you are doing your best to keep up with changes in your practice areas, sharing your knowledge with your peers and newcomers to the profession, or working on exciting new projects that bring value to your clients — and let’s not forget expanding your client base.

Focus on what you do best. I’ll translate it into French.

When you or your clients need documents translated into French, you should be able to rely on a trusted partner who won’t waste your time or require handholding. Someone who understands both the legal and technical content in IT contracts and cookie policies. A fresh pair of eyes who can point out potential issues in the original documents and produce clear, accurate translations — sooner rather than later.

Your company started with an innovative idea that could improve thousands of lives, if not more. Each piece of hardware or software took months or years to develop, and once it was ready, you had to show people how it could help them. Now that your country’s audience is buying your products and services, your sights are set on the French market.

Business as usual, without the language barrier.

You need to be able to communicate effectively with your French-speaking clients and business partners. To help you break through the language barrier, you are looking for a trusted partner who understands what you do and will get to know your company and technology inside and out. Someone who can communicate your values and value to your prospects, and produce clear translations of your legal and business documents.

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Your trusted partner for French translations with a legal or IT component

Hello! I'm Gwendoline Clavé, an English-to-French translator based in Marseille, France.

I help international IT companies communicate and contract with French speakers, directly or through their lawyers.

A qualified legal translator, former computational linguist and digital marketing coordinator, I bring a multi-faceted view that gives me a unique understanding of your company.

I put a combination of linguistic, legal and IT skills at your disposal to see your projects succeed.

Gwendoline Clavé, French legal translator

French translation services

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Legal documents

I specialize in information technology (IT) and data protection law.

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Business documents

Emails, reports, presentations: I cater to your internal communication and training needs.

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Marketing materials

Website, blog, documentation: I translate your external communication materials for web users.

Other linguistic services

I offer other services to help you overcome the language barrier, such as summarizing, monitoring, proofreading, and transcribing.

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