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Legal Translation, a Unique Specialization

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On the French version of this blog, I published an article to explain what makes legal translation unique. This specialization connects legal systems across languages, countries, and legal families. Unique challenges make a legal translator’s job interesting, but require specialized knowledge.

The article touches on:

  • Legal translation as a connector between legal systems and families
  • Challenges faced by legal translators working from English into French
  • The absence of equivalence between legal concepts due to abstraction and polysemy

If you can read French, go to La traduction juridique, spécialisation méconnue.

If you can’t read French, but would be interested in reading the article in English, let me know on LinkedIn.

Gwendoline Clavé, Legal English-to-French Translator

Gwendoline Clavé

As a language professional, I wear many hats, including legal translator, SEO content writer, and digital marketing coordinator. I use a combination of linguistic, legal, and IT skills to see my clients’ projects succeed. On this blog, I share thoughts and information on diverse topics at the crossroads of those fields.

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