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Leverage SEO to Attract Prospects to Your Law Firm’s Blog

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On the French version of this blog, I published an article to help legal professionals understand the concepts behind search engine optimization (SEO) to create a successful blog.

The article touches on:

  • Indexing: how search bots evaluate your blog and how the words you use help them better understand what your blog is about.
  • Search intent: the 4 types of intent behind your customers’ searches and what type of content you can produce to meet each of them.
  • Search results: how search engines rank pages (i.e. decide which pages to show first) in search results and why it matters to your blog.
  • SEO: the 3 pillars of SEO and how to improve your blog’s legitimacy and rank higher for relevant searches.

If you can read French, go to Blog d’avocat : attirer vos prospects grâce au référencement naturel.

If you can’t read French, but would be interested in reading the article in English, let me know on LinkedIn.

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