French translation and linguistic services for law professionals and IT companies

Whether you need a French translator fluent in legalese or IT jargon, I’m here for you. Let me take care of your legal, business and communications materials while you focus on your core business. And if you need other services, I’ve got you covered.

English-to-French translations

Here are some of the types of documents that I can translate from English into French.

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Legal documents

I specialize in information technology, data protection and intellectual property law.

  • Contracts
  • Terms and conditions
  • Policies
  • Notices
  • Forms
  • Articles of association
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Business documents

I mainly translate reports and human resources materials.

  • Business reports
  • Guidelines and procedures
  • Training materials
  • Resumes and diplomas
  • Job descriptions and ads
  • Employee assessment sheets
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Communications materials

I cater to both your internal and external communication needs.

  • Letters, emails and memos
  • Newsletters and corporate magazines
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • News releases
  • Blog and news articles
  • Websites

What about French documents?

As a rule, when it comes to French-to-English translation, a translator whose mother tongue is English will do a better job. However, there are still many instances when I can help.

When you can’t make sense of a French document and need to decide whether it is worth translating, I can give you the gist or provide a summary description that will help you make a decision.
When you want to adapt a French document to produce your own heavily edited English version, my translation can be used as a draft or reference document.
If you want to keep an eye on your French competitors, I can monitor their online communication channels and send you English reports of their French publications on a monthly basis.
You can have me proofread French documents to correct any mistakes or get a second opinion on your texts.
I can also transcribe audio or video files with French speakers, e.g. for subtitling purposes.

If you are ready to discuss your linguistic needs, get in touch.

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